Systematic Trading Seminar - Dr. Tomasini & Rakesh Shah


Systematic Trading Seminar - Dr. Tomasini & Rakesh Shah

Trainers: Dr. Emilio Tomasini , Adjunct Professor of Corporate Finance – University of Bologna
Rakesh Shah,
Systematic Trading Advisor for Kingly Capital Asset Management and Institutional Trader 

Dates to Organised upon application

The seminar is aimed to:

  • Those traders who do not want to go ahead in losing money with classical technical analysis (trendlines, oscillators, Japanese candlesticks, Elliott waves, Gann, Fibonacci …)
  • Those amateur traders willing to become professional full time traders
  • Those financial industry players who do not want to depend on third parties’ analysis but they believe it is the right time to start to think individually
The seminar is NOT targeted to:
  • Those who think that to make money on the markets it is easy or that you can learn it for free over the Internet
  • Those who would like to improve themselves but they do not have the will to do it to because learning is very demanding
  • Those who think that it is better to have a fish today than to learn how to fish

The seminar’s target: is to learn ONLY those elements of technical analysis that make money on the markets, avoiding useless theory and ignore over all the theory which is not demonstrable scientifically (the so called “classical” technical analysis).
Why a 3 day seminar? This is the minimum time needed to learn something scientifically and it is why the seminar is directed only to those people that are serious about trading.

Why this seminar and not other seminars:
  • You will be given many trading systems codes in PowerLanguage code Multicharts to trade and to look for patterns;
  • You will get a seminar mostly practical where theory is kept at a minimum level
  • Everything you will learn is scientifically demonstrable;
  • After the seminar: the participants will be able to evaluate a trading strategy they can buy or rent from a third party or they can build themselves.  Participants will be able to test, optimize and trade automatically a trading system.

DAY 1: the basis of modern technical analysis
  • WORKSHOP: Multicharts,  installation and outline
  • Elements of classical technical analysis: the history and the myth
  • The classical charting analysis: trendlines, consolidation and reverse figures, price patterns (key reversal, Island, etc.)
  • Point & Figure
  • Japanese Candlestick
  • The classical indicators: the working ones
  • Unconventional analysis: Gann, Elliott and Fibonacci.
  • WORKSHOP: Indicators, Paint Bars, Show me, Strategies, the pseudo code
  • Modern technical analysis: why technical analysis does not work.
  • What is a trading system: ideation and programming, where to buy or rent the codes, where to find inspiration
  • The step by step trading systems development: entry, exit, trend and volatility filter, seasonality, multi-time frame, etc.
  • WORKSHOP: the basics of Easy Language: price data, expressions and operators, past data reference, to change dates and times, to use variables and inputs, structure control, writing Alerts, understanding Arrays and Functions, output methods, to write texts and draw trendlines, to understand data fields

DAY 2: learning how to play with codes

  • WORKSHOP: to write signals, indicators, Show me and Paint Bars
  • WORKSHOP: test and optimization
  • Looking for successful price patterns: the “Dream Machine”
  • WORKSHOP: my first trading systems with the Dream Machine
  • The  80-20’ pattern and its code in Easy Language
  • The OOPS pattern and its code in Easy Language
  • Canslim: a code on relative strength
  • Highs / Lows Breakout: intraday, daily, weekly, monthly and the programming codes
  • Trade manager: an exit for all seasons
  • WORKSHOP: the Multicharts libraries, how to have hundreds of trading systems ready to be used
  • WORKSHOP: let’s build our first trading systems
  • Which markets to trade
  • Trading systems’ optimization
  • How to evaluate a trading system report
  • The money management.
  • The risk management.

DAY 3: my first trading systems

  • WORKSHOP: money management and risk management, exercises with Market System Analyzer
  • WORKSHOP: an intraday trading system with Dax, code changes, optimization, test
  • WORKSHOP: an intraday system on Euro Dollar, code changes, optimization, test
  • To trade in real time: real problems (electricity, Internet, trading platforms, etc.)
  • How to build a portfolio
  • The periodical re-optimization
  • WORKSHOP: to create, to test, to optimize a trading system
  • WORKSHOP: how to build a portfolio, optimization

Practical seminar’s details
The venue has a Wi-Fi connection: all the participants must bring a laptop. All the participants will be given a free 1 month Multicharts 7.4 access.

All the participants will need to come to the seminar after they already installed a Market System Analyzer from (which is free for 1 month) but you need at least 48 hours to get a trial password from the developer).
Participants do not need to have a prior background in mathematics or programming. All the participants will receive 3 course textbooks and a copy of “Trading Systems” by Emilio Tomasini & Urban Jaekle (Harriman, London), the workspaces and the Easy Language codes that will be used during the seminar.

Maxium number of participants: not more than 4 (four) participants for each trainer will be allowed to enter the seminar in order to guarantee a high quality educational standard. There will be trainers on hand at all times to assist with practical excercises.


" I came on the first course with very little knowledge, throughout the course plus subsequent coaching consultation with Emilio's patience all of the different elements to trading are now a lot clearer. it's now down to me to make the time to practice and put them all toghether” 
James. M. - Tomasini's Seminar
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