Dr. Emilio Tomasini - Model Trading

Dr. Emilio TomasiniDr. Emilio Tomasini is Adjunct Professor of Corporate Finance at the University of Bologna.

Emilio Tomasini provides a professional service in sub-advisory trading systems’ development to hedge funds and to high net worth individuals, he is proprietary trader on forex markets for corporations and hedge funds. Trading systems or algo trading is the backbone of his professional activity.

Dr. Emilio Tomasini is a trader and  since 1995 devoted solely to systematic trading on a daily and intraday basis. He contributes on a regular basis to Traders’ Magazine in German where he writes a regular column “Market Rap” (www.traders-mag.com) and to Active Trader in English (www.activetradermag.com ). He is co-author with Urban Jaekle of the book “A modern approach to trading systems’ development” by Harrimann Publishing House, London, October 2009.

  • In London Dr. Emilio Tomasini is a frequent speaker in specialized trading systems seminars with many reputable British players such Sun Global Investments ltd (http://www.sunglobal.co.uk/) and speaks for Class CNBC the Italian arm of CNBC Europe.

  • In Paris Dr. Tomasini works with the prestigious Institut de la Bourse (www.institutdelabourse.com).

  • In Frankfurt Dr. Emilio Tomasini is a frequent speaker at the System Kongress (www.systemkongress.com) and the World of Trading (http://www.wot2009.de ).