Welcome to the Ten Point Trading web page.

If you're reading this, then you have probably read an article, book or may have seen one of us presenting at an event somewhere in the world. 

Our Goal is Simple: We wish to share with you, our trading expertise and educate serious traders in the art of trading, guiding them to success. You could be a beginner, or you may already have some experience in trading markets and are considering improving your returns by learning different strategies. Either way we have helped indivuduals in both situations before.

We make sure we teach  you what we have learned through our own personal experience (we have had both good and bad times, this is the reality of life).

We have no interest in telling you about just the theory or technique from an old text book.


Thanks for your time.

Happy Trading,

"I believe that you have the right choice of organization that will teach us the right way to start and then continue on our own to develop our skills. A great grounding is what we wanted and was what we got.” 
David B. - London