Welcome to Automated Trading

We would like to invite you to a Systematic Trading event where we will show you fast, accurate trading with backtested strategies.

Dear Trader,

We would like to show you new tools for building systematic trading models. Why do we think that this is so important?

“Systematic trading offers the private trader the opportunity to make money in a professional way exploiting third party systems.”

We are hosting an event for 10 participants for 3 days in December, where we will demonstrate how to build up a system using Multicharts.

What is Systematic Trading?

Trading in a systematic way requires you to have a methodology or to use a set of rules to decide when you enter and extit the market. You will aslo need a risk management and position management rules. These are programmed into a system which runs automatically with safeguards in place. This is a departure from traditional methods, where fundamentals and classical technical analysis leads to random trading style. Most traders benefit from understanding this form of trading because it helps them to think logically about the entire trading process and decide if what they do makes practical sense.


What Does This Form of Trading Offer Me?

If you are struggling with tradiional trading, looking for candlesitck patterns or support and resistance lines or if you feel that you don't have the time to sit infront of a pc all day long (or may'be you have to work!) then automated trading may offer you some liberation from these problems.


How Can I Increase My Confidence in a Trading Strategy?

To be confident and feel that you are going to do well when you start a new strategy, or for that matter, in any new activity, it would be really usefull to see how you would have done in the last few weeks, months, years. Backtesting allows you to do this. But you must be careful to understand both the practicalities and limitations of this to prevent you from having a false ego, or worse still unfounded confidence. We spend many hours in making sure that what we do is very realistic and results can be demonstrated in the real market.

What Tools Will I Need to Get Started?

If you have a pc or laptop, you are all set to go.