3 Day Systematic Trading Workshop


3 Day Systematic Trading Workshop

Systematic Trading Systems Seminar

Your Tutors: Rakesh Shah & Dr Emilio Tomasini. Andrea Agiolini.

We welcome you spend 3 days with Rakesh Shah, Emilio Tomasini and  guest speaker Andrea Angiolini. Dr Tomasini is a full time professional trader, that I have worked with over the last 17 years.  Myself (Rakesh Shah) and Dr Tomasni have previously run a successful regulated trading system advisory called “Kingly Capital” for hedge funds, asset managers and HNWI’s, previously based at 106 New Bond St, Mayfair. Our systems have been used by money managers and investment boutiques around the world. We previously have had a regulated firm [FCA firm reference number:550063]  for our advisory business, which was for institutions and qualified High Net Worth Individuals.

Trading can be either an art or a science depending on which direction take. There are three main methods for making money with a trading account:
(1) Systematic trading (the most scientific)
(2) Traditional Technical Analysis (requires discretion over techniques)
(3) Fundamental methods. (totally discretionary)

Whilst Fundamental forces have the power to move markets in the long term and traditional technical levels may sometimes give solid reactions to market prices when these points are met, the reliability of these methods for constant returns for most traders, using low risk methods is very poor for short term trading. We can see this when we read statistics everywhere that between 80% and 95% of all new accounts opened at brokerage houses never make any money!  If you are unaware,  just take a random survey of 10 people at the the next trading show you attend. You will begin to see. There must be a better way and this is what we will present to you....

This session will give you a SYSTEMATIC trading method for selecting, trading and managing a trade set up.  Systematic trading is pure science. It is fully automated with no discretion. The results speak for themselves.  For a full system report of a systematic trading system results please email us.

What you will learn:-

- How to set yourself up for trading electronic systems.
- What your options are for various trading languages and trading systems.
- System code for your first trading system.
- The code for a function for stop losses and how to apply it.
- The code for taking profits.
- The chance, for 2 hours, to ask any questions to two seasoned traders on any aspects  of systematic trading.
- We will show you some of our proprietary trading systems live in action on the day. We are trading live right now....


Classical Technical Analysis is open to so much interpretation, it probably offers little use to the average investor/trader unless you use something very unique or have exceptional filters for cutting  out losing trades. Basically you need to be extremely good to use it.   If you were to test the strategies that are commonly taught for consistency, the results are often shockingly bad. The problem is that “We see what we want to see”. For example  support and  resistance lines when tested in a real trading environment do not offer a viable trading strategy if at every support and resistance point a trade is taken, yet they are the first form of analysis most  traders learn to use. If you were to scientifically trade every support of resistance line set up, you would probably lose all of your capital in a short period of time. Now you may say “hold on” I know which ones to trade and am selective. Well if you are consistently making  money using this or any strategy, well done, you are a very rare breed indeed, record what you are doing and keep at it. I I know of only a hand full of traders that trade successfully each day using instinct and crude analysis and the best ones often suffer from many losing months and plenty of stress with it.

The HARD truth is that between 40 to 70  percent of trades executed do not use these methods any more.This number is growing.  If you want proof, just look at an order book on highly liquid stock on the FTSE 100/ SP500. You will see that automated trading systems trade the markets now, not humans. Thousands of trades occur in seconds by the same trader. Why? They make attempting to make MONEY..   

The second problem is that whilst one person may be totally successful using a fundamental/technical  strategy the interpretation can vary from one person to another of the set up. The same is true for technical analysis. A trend line will be support for one person and resistance for another. What happens if the market spikes through the trend line, and returns to the other side. Is it still valid? Which way do you trade it?  These are the main difficulties with traditional technical analysis, which forms the strategy basis of 95% of all technical traders I meet. The problem, for these traders, is that they are only partially successful and the reality is that they often have constant losses in their accounts with occasional big wins. Trading is a constant war path and each day is a stressful one, with emotions rising and falling with the markets. There is another way!  Systematic Trading.

You will get:-
- The full disclosed codes for the strategy components.
- 3 Monthly Follow up Sessions to our traders Channel “The City Advisor Report ” selling for £999 per month, which is a traders report with real time analysis and trading strategies for trading forex, futures and equity markets.
  • April 2022 (TBC)
  • Please contact us for any future dates beyond this

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  • 3 Day Systematic Trading Workshop