Forex Interbank Volatility Trading Course: 2 Days


Forex Interbank Volatility Trading Course: 2 Days
Key Objectives
  1. Executing a Day/Weekly Trading Forex System 
  2. Step-By-Step Guide to Analytical Mechanical Currency Trading 
  3. Executing the Strategy. Practical Implications. (This is not a shortcut millionaire type seminar. Some elements will be difficult and the material/strategy requires you to actively/reflexively think.)


    The purpose of this course is to train you to act in an professional way and treat trading like a business.


    1. Set up the strategy and adhere to a a list of objectives within a plan.
    2. Constantly stay Disciplined. How to make it a fixed item. To do this without emotions with a set idea and notion. 
    3. Setting up the risk management plan and learn how to manage the risk correctly. 
    4. Build Confidence in the system so that you can take the trades when you see them.
    5. Become a human robot trader and generate your own signal readings.. 
    • The starting goal is to set target profit potential between £50 and £500 each time you trade and at the same time minimize equivalent losses on a £25k account for a net overall positive return, with occasional £2000 trades.
    • The Primary tool will be to use systematic & technical indicators, market map and framework analysis
    • The potential to profit must be analysed in the correct risk framework 
    • All strategies can be tested on a demo account to help build execution skills. Virtual money before real money. 
    • Checklist to be completed before you risk any cash on actual trades.
    Knowledge Base
    1. An introduction to Electronic Forex Trading - Hedging vs Speculation market activity. Why knowing this is a core basic technique.
    2. Why understanding the use of Margin is Key to trading futures successfully.
    3. Modern order types/ the human edge and simple strategies to use for trading fx vs. trading futures.
    4. Sensible Risk Management practices for trading FX/futures products
    5. Key features of The Forex and Futures Execution Strategy
    6. Key features of Gold, Silver and other Commodity futures that can change the dynamic of using the strategy elsewhere.
      Understanding a Forex Portfolio
      • Margins & Portfolio Management. (how many positions, when to add and when to leave)
      • Risk Management Methodologies for exit of positions.


      Managing Your Volatility / Risk and Psychology
      • An explanation of what causes intra minute volatility.
      • Why currency trading is different in liquidity measurement when compared to all other markets and how to take advantage of this from a fundamental  and technical perspective.
      • Risk Management & Psychology that must be applied to foreign exchange trading, why it is different from equity trading.


      • 2022 Dates. - Can be organised to suit your timing. Please email or contact us to organise a suitable date
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      • Forex Interbank Volatility Trading Course: 2 Days